ABDAH is a new initiative that builds on the well established connections among Albertan researchers, teachers, and students in the Digital Arts and Humanities.

There are a number of ways of participating in ABDAH. To participate in any of theĀ  following capacities, please contact the ABDAH administration.

Institutions. ABDAH is being developed by a governing committee consisting of representatives of each partner institution. The committee works by consensus and individual partner institutions have an equal say in the initiative’s development. To join ABDAH, all institutions are required to do is nominate a representative to this governing committee. At this exploratory stage in ABDAH’s development, self-nomination as institutional representative by interested faculty members is also welcome. (More formal partnership agreements and nomination/selection procedures for this governing body are being developed during this exploratory phase).

Affiliated Researchers and Teachers. Researchers and teachers at Albertan post-secondary institutions are welcome to join ABDAH as affiliated researchers. After the exploratory phase is completed, such researchers will be expected to help ensure the success of the Digital Arts and Humanities in Alberta by sharing research opportunities and course information, participating in colloquia, and similar initiatives.

Students. Students participate in ABDAH through their work with faculty and associated researchers. ABDAH is designed to develop close cooperation among the provinces digital centres and programmes. Students will benefit from this through the increased availability of specialised courses, research programmes, and networking opportunities.

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