Lethbridge Graduate student Heather Hobma (left) with Professors Karkov (Leeds), O'Donnell (Lethbridge), and Rosselli Del Turco (Turin) on site in Ruthwell Scotland.

Alberta Digital Arts and Humanities (ABDAH) is a consortium of researchers, practitioners, teachers, students, and post secondary institutions dedicated to developing and exploiting provincial expertise in the Digital Arts and Humanities.

The Digital Arts and Humanities represent the “killer app” of the new Digital Economy. They are concerned with the ways we communicate, play, share, and express ourselves online and on the move: the the things that put the human back into technology.

Canadian successes in other aspects of Information and Communication Technology are well known and widely celebrated. A recent study of researchers in the Digital Humanities placed Canada second after only the United States in participation in major Digital Humanities organisations. Canadians were identified as being among six of the ten most connected participants in this study and researchers associated with Albertan universities at third, seventh, and ninth places.

Manuscript images of the Green Knight with and without his head on the title page of the University of Calgary's Cotton Nero A.x project, an edition of the medieval manuscript.

Alberta’s post secondary institutions are already helping students develop the cutting edge skills required to succeed in the new disciplines. With active teaching and research programmes in all provincial Universities and the Banff Centre, Albertan students have access to the latest technology and opportunities to work on sophisticated new applications and research. With ABDAH, these schools are preparing to take the next step: developing collaborative and closely integrated research and teaching in the Digital Arts and Humanities in order to ensure Alberta’s students remain at the forefront of the new Digital Economy.

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